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The heart and the importance of Cardiac Coherence (and strategies for  improve it)

Part 3

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Cardiac coherence or neurocardiovascular coherence is the state of harmony between the heart and the brain, or the cardiovascular system and the central nervous system.

In this post we will learn a cardiac coherence exercise (those who need more information can read the previous articles).


- Reserve 15 minutes to perform the exercise.

- Choose a quiet place.

- It can be done in silence or with soft background music.

- Sit in a comfortable position (it can also be lying down, but there is a possibility of falling asleep, so the sitting position is preferable).

- Close the eyes.

- Begin with a few minutes of conscious breathing in which all attention is paid to the entrance and exit of the air, feeling how the abdomen fills during inspiration, and how it empties during expiration.

- Continue breathing and bring attention to the chest area.

Stay like this for a few minutes. Think and feel how the lungs are filled with the entrance of air and how they are emptied with its exit, feel the beat of the heart, the sensations of the clothes on the skin, etc. (in the chest area).

- Then another component will be added: EMOTION.

Evoke a situation that was pleasant in the past: a fun, happy, calm, loving, grateful situation... remember it and feel like at that moment.

Fill yourself with that emotion, while continuing to breathe and feel the chest area. Try to flood yourself with that positive emotion or feeling and make it expand throughout your body.

- Remain calmly breathing for a few minutes, calmly, without paying attention to anything in particular other than the place and the moment.

Then return to the exercise little by little with gentle body movements, and finally by opening your eyes.


You can practice this exercise every day once or twice a day, in the morning and at night (or at any time).

With practice, cardiac coherence will become more easily achieved.

"Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart" Seneca

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