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Can we improve our health by consuming more water?

Can we improve our health by consuming more water?

These last few weeks I had two first-time patients reporting noticeable improvements in their quality of life just by increasing their water intake.

This was the only change they made in their habits, routines, etc.

One of them had improved his hip pain, which had been going on for several months, by 50% (later with the Osteopathic treatment he improved the remaining 50%).

The other patient had chronic gastritis; Her gastroenterologist told her to increase her water intake, and her symptoms disappeared (being well hydrated, the body can naturally form sodium bicarbonate on the walls of the stomach).

The water molecule is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

The oxygen atom is eight times larger than the two hydrogen atoms.

In short, when we drink water we are entering, above all, OXYGEN into the body.

In the next article we will delve into the subject, based on the book “Your Body's Many Cries for Water” by Dr. Batmanghelidj.

We will also talk about how much water we should drink per day, based on our body weight.

On the other hand, do not forget to consult your doctor, and if you are taking medication, do not abandon it unless the professional so indicates.

If you are interested in this information and want more material like this, or you have your own experience or that of a friend who has already tried consuming more water, leave us a comment.


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