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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual therapy whose objective is to diagnose and treat dysfunctions of the human body through various techniques and movements aimed at relieving pain, restoring functions and promoting health and well-being. It seeks to recover the lost body balance, reactivating the self-healing mechanisms that the body itself possesses. The therapist uses his hands as diagnostic and treatment tools, through which he is able to detect areas of mobility restriction (micromobilities) and then apply different techniques depending on the dysfunction to be treated. All structures of the body have their own mobility. The movements must comply with precise rules: axes, amplitude, rhythm, etc. If one of these rules is altered, the mechanics as a whole will not work correctly, establishing diagnosable and treatable "osteopathic dysfunction". The osteopathic diagnosis consists, then, in identifying said dysfunction by evaluating the mobility of the different structures. This therapy seeks to discover the cause of the symptom, which may be far from the place where it manifests itself. Cause that could originate from pregnancy or childbirth, during childhood or in adult life.


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