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What is Psychophysical Harmonization?


It is a method to comprehensively balance the energy fields of people – emotional field – physical.



⦁ Diagnosis of the patient's energy field.

⦁ Neutralization of harmful energies of internal/external origin that were contaminating the physical body, memory, emotional field, and the mind, intellectual field of the patient.

⦁ Harmonization of the physical body, memory and mind in an integral way, with selective beneficial energies.


Harmonization Time: Approximately 50 minutes



– Psychophysical emotional treatment:

In cases that present symptoms of stress, depression, acceleration, blockage, anguish, phobias, fears, panic, low self-esteem, conditioning mandates, etc.

The harmful energy charges that are contaminating the memory files are neutralized and beneficial energies are incorporated into them.

It can be combined with the psychologist and/or psychiatrist to perform a joint treatment.

– Complementary psychophysical treatment of somatic illnesses,
psychosomatic and organic dysfunctions:

It is ideal to accompany and complement the medical treatments (conventional-alternative-complementary) that the patient performs for somatic and psychosomatic illnesses and organic dysfunctions.

– Neutralization of pain and discomfort in general:

Neck pain, back pain, low back pain, migraines, etc.

– Neutralization of harmful energies of external origin

All types of harmful energy that could be affecting the patient from external factors (which are outside their own energy field) are neutralized.

When the patient presents symptoms, pathologies, dysfunctions, suspicions, etc., that need to be treated by a medical professional, psychologist or psychiatrist, they will be referred to the corresponding professional, or to other professionals from complementary disciplines.

Online Psychophysical Harmonization (at a distance):

The consultation is carried out through a call or video call, obtaining the same results as in face-to-face sessions.

We treat patients from Spain, and other parts of the continent, with no limitations regarding the distance in which the person is located.

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