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Importance of Connective Tissue


Connective Tissue is a fibrous membrane that binds, wraps and protects all the structures of the body, supports and connects them, protecting them and determining their shape.

It is uninterrupted and goes from head to toe and goes from a superficial level and goes deeper.

At no time do we find an interruption in this tissue, and it only takes over in the bone structures.

It is present at all levels of the body, involving muscles, organs, nerves, arteries, veins, etc.

We can then say that what the connective tissue does is to superficially wrap the entire body (as if it were a large cloth under the entire surface of the skin) and then it divides numerous times until it becomes deeper and deeper.

This fibrous membrane must be free for the normal functioning of the body system, since one of its functions is the transmission of tensions generated by movement.

This tissue may present areas of restriction, for example, due to the presence of scars, adhesions due to infections, trauma, adaptations of the body to poor posture, etc.

The goal of osteopathic treatment is to seek out these restrictions, release them, and restore tensional balance to the body.

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