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  • How much time is left between each session?

Between 3 and 4 weeks.

However, this time is variable.


Some people may prefer to return a week, or even 2 or 3 months after the first consultation.

  • How many sessions are necessary?

It depends on each case, in general it is advisable to carry out at least two sessions.

A number of between three and five queries is ideal.


Then, if the person wishes, they can do maintenance sessions every one, two or three months, even one session per year as a preventive treatment.

  • How long is the session?

Approximately 50 minutes.

  • Do I have to wear any kind of clothing?

Comfortable clothing: for example shorts, leggings, jogging pants, a T-shirt or tank top, top.


You can also work with the person in underwear (not necessary)

  • Is it necessary to carry out radiographic studies, magnetic resonance imaging, etc.?

If you have complementary studies better, but they are not essential.

The most important thing is the evaluation that is carried out from palpation.

  • What are the hygienic care for Covid?

Between each session the environment is ventilated between 5 and 15 minutes, all the towels and elements are changed, alcohol gel is applied to the hands before and after the treatment,  and use of a mask.

  • After the first session I leave without pain?

It depends on each case and each person (like any therapy).

There are patients who noticeably improve their symptoms at the time, other people take a few hours after the session to improve it and some after a few days (between 2 and 4 days).

There are also people who notice improvement after the second session (in general, after the first consultation there should already be an improvement, if the treatment gave favorable results).

  • Can older people be cared for?

Yes, there are no age limits, because it is not an invasive or abrupt therapy.

  • Can babies be cared for?

Yes (highly recommended)

  • Can I eat before going to the session?

Yes, but it is better not to do it (leave 1 or two hours between the intake and the session), or eat very light instead. (The abdomen area is usually worked)

  • Once I feel well, is it necessary to continue treating me?


It is not necessary, but it is interesting to do a preventive treatment, which can be monthly, bi-monthly, every 6 months, once a year, whatever the person wishes.

It is the same as a car that works well and we take it to the mechanic to have it checked to avoid malfunctions in the future.

  • Do they treat osteoarthritis problems?


  • What is the location of the office?


Arenales between Agüero and Laprida, 6 blocks from Alto Palermo Shopping (to obtain the exact address, you can request it by phone or by message)

  • Is it necessary to take a shift to attend?


  • How can I request an appointment?


By calling, or sending a WhatsApp message (to Cel. +54-9-11-6678-9781)

  • Is the treatment painful, or invasive?

It is not painful or invasive.

  • Is osteopathy massage?

They are not massages, beyond the fact that at some point in the session techniques can be applied, for example, trigger points, or some specific massage maneuver in the area of pain.

  • Can I feel bad after the session, or can the symptoms worsen?

It is not usual (it can happen but it is not frequent).

  • Can I go home alone after the session, for example by driving a car?

Yes, you can return normally on foot, or in a vehicle; in the case of driving, it is advisable to wait a few minutes before doing so, but there is no problem.

  • Can I work or play sports after the session?


Yes you can, but on the other hand it is advisable to rest or not make great efforts during the next 12/24 hours, so that the body assimilates the treatment as best as possible (absolute rest is not necessary, but it is advisable to demand less than habitual).

  • Can I be accompanied by someone?


Yes, there is a waiting room where the companion can wait, with WiFi, a dispenser with fresh water, etc.

  • My son/daughter is a minor. Can he/she attend?


Yes; the parent or responsible adult must stay inside the office accompanying the child or minor.

  • Do they serve at home?

It depends on the location of the patient, and depending on the patient's situation (if you need or if a home care can be scheduled).

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