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Musculo Transverso Espinoso_edited.jpg

Transversus Spinalis Muscle: The "guardian" of balance

A muscle contracture has its logic, it is presented as a security system and is "necessary".

It can only be treated [...]

elongacion OKOKOK_edited.jpg

Importance of elongation: Influence of the posterior muscle chain on body balance

Part 1

The muscles of the body are interconnected through connective tissue or fascia (fibrous membrane that surrounds and relates them); in this way the muscle chains are created.

These chains facilitate [...]

elongacion parte 2_edited_edited.jpg

Importance of Elongation and its benefits

Part 2

It is common to see how a pet stretches after having been sleeping for a while, or in a motionless position.

This shows us the need for  [...]

consejos y recomendaciones_edited.jpg

Importance of elongation: Tips and recommendations

Part 3

The safest and most used form of stretching, explains Dr. Andrade Bueno, "is the positioning of the muscle in a situation of distension at the limit of[...]


Summation effects of Dysfunctions in the human body: "What is the cause of death"?

(According to the author and Osteopath Fryette)

Fryette (1876-1960) was one of the pioneers in osteopathy research.

He used a very simple but useful example to illustrate the clinical consequences of a “stacking” of essentially minor problems…

Fascia o Tejido Conectivo_edited_edited.jpg

Fascia and its influence on the human body

Fascia or connective tissue is a fibrous membrane, similar to a cloth, that surrounds and interconnects all the structures of the human body (bones, joints, muscles, veins, arteries, nerves, viscera, etc.).

The fascia can be observed [...]

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