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Foot self-massage with a tennis ball and its effect on subsequent muscle relaxation

The posterior muscular chain runs through the back of the head, back, legs, and reaches the soles of the feet. The line of gravity of our body falls in front of our ankles (in front of the malleolus), and for this reason we tend to fall forward (besides, the head is "hanging" in front of this line). This allows us to naturally move forward, to have this forward movement inertia (in search of food, hunting, reproduction, etc.). This tendency to fall forward is counteracted by the posterior muscles (the posterior muscular chain), this means that they are constantly working to stabilize us in our axis and not succumb to the ground (this is why it is common to contract the posterior part of the body more , and more specifically the back and neck). We can work the posterior muscular chain ourselves from the feet, its lower end, relaxing the entire system. How can we do it? With a massage on the soles of the feet using a tennis ball. In the next post we will briefly explain how to do it. On the other hand, there are other factors that may be influencing your body balance, and if you need help, do not hesitate to take an Osteopathy session.


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