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Importance of elongation and its benefits (Part 2)

It is common to see how a pet stretches after having been sleeping for a while, or in a motionless position. This shows us the need for animals to move, stretch, etc. (this is no coincidence, nature is very smart). Stretching generates well-being, especially after a period of inactivity or stillness. We, unlike our pets, don't usually stand up and stretch after periods of inactivity, even though our bodies' “craving most” is just that. We spend most of the day sitting in front of a computer, then in a car, train or bus, and then we continue with activities at home (and generally… sitting). Stretching helps keep your muscles loose, which improves your flexibility, or ability to bend and bend without straining your body. According to Jay Blahnik, fitness specialist and author of the book "New stretching method for everyone": "It's like a reward that you can feel every day." OTHER BENEFITS OF ELONGATION - Improves and maintains joint range of motion, in turn improving balance - Prevents falls - Relief of chronic pain - Decrease of stress and tension - Improved circulation and concentration - Improves energy level - Improves posture


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