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Relaxation of the Posterior Muscular Chain and foot self-massage (Part 2)

One way to relax and loosen the posterior muscular chain is to massage its lower end: the soles of the feet. Another possibility is to lengthen it through practices such as Yoga, Pilates, or Stretching. Self-massage with a tennis ball will help us relax the muscles of the foot by releasing the superficial plantar fascia, the muscles that are below it, and improve mobility. The most common is to use a tennis ball, which is what we usually have in our house, but it can also be any type of ball; the harder and smaller it is, the more punctual and deep the massage will be. The key is to apply pressure (but not so much that you feel pain). We can do it sitting down, but standing up we unload more weight (in the case of wanting to generate more pressure on the foot). If you're doing it standing up, make sure you're holding onto a wall or chair for stability. • Sit comfortably in a chair. • Begin to step lightly on the ball at the start. • Make slides forward and backward, transverse and circular. • Give massages for two or three minutes on each foot (the time can be increased as we get used to it). • When you stimulate trigger points with hard balls, try not to exceed 90 seconds. • You may feel discomfort, but there should be no pain. • Stop the massage if there is mild, moderate or intense pain. TYPES OF MOVEMENT TRANSVERSAL: From left to right and from right to left, along the entire length of the foot. LONGITUDINAL: Back to front and front to back CIRCULAR: practice circular movements on the entire sole of the foot with the ball. If you find a tense point, you can leave applying a specific pressure on that point, without generating pain, for 90 seconds.


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